Didcot is a service responsible for sharing the data across various applications, and it is also provides "open-with" framework where a data can be opened with different applications which supports its mime type.


Didcot service provides two interfaces:

Didcot launch interface

This component is a part of didcot process. It provides interfaces to launch applications based on mimes supported by the application to be launched. Every application can support one or more mime types and mime types currently supported in system are defined in "mime-types.h". This service is responsible for displaying and launching the applications based on mime type.for example a mp3 audio file can be launched by various music player applications which supports same mime type.

Didcot share interface

This D-BUS interface is responsible for sharing the data to other applications. E.g Sharing an image through email application.

Applications supporting sharing mechanism should have data exchange rules xml containing information about sharing and receiving capabilities, type of information it can receive or share.


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