Tinwell is a service responsible for playback of audio streams and recording of audio streams.


Tinwell Player Interface

The Tinwell player interface provides playback of audio streams. Player interface provides various functionalities like playing a track, forwarding to the next track, share tracks etc and signals to indicate different states.

Tinwell audio service depends on the Grassmoor AVPlayer and uses canterbury audio manager service to request for audio resource for playback.

Tinwell Recorder Interface

Tinwell recorder interface serves for recording of audio streams. Tinwell Recorder interface depends on the libgrassmoor audio recorder for recording interfaces. Recorder interface uses canterbury Audio Manager service to request for audio resource for recording.

Recording is for now only be supported in speex format.


To build Tinwell from sources, get the latest source archives from https://git.apertis.org/cgit/tinwell.git/. Once you have extracted the sources from the archive execute the following commands in the top-level directory:

$ ./autogen.sh
$ make
$ make install

You can configure the build with number of additional arguments passed to the configure script, the full list of which can be obtained by running ./configure --help.


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